Saturday, 24 November 2012

sorry for the state of the blog, lovely blog finders/readers... the images have all disappeared and I am trying to get them back while keeping it all in order and not sure it is possible

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

After checking, cutting, redesigning how to reassemble, getting permission to ship from the Ministry of Tourism, two trips to Siem Reap to organise and drying it at Fleur's house after it was caught in a downpour in Siem Reap, we just had word that the naga has arrived to Kathmandu.

Yesterday we visited the site at the Kathmandu Zoo; a centuries-old pond reminiscent with its large trees for Seckon of the moat (katsun) of Angkor Wat. 

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Monday, 25 January 2010

Seckon was artist in residence at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum June- September 2009. It was a very happy time for him enjoying Japanese culture, food and especially warm hospitality. While there he made a 90m long makara (pictures in previous post). Worn by 110 people, the makara danced through the streets of Fukuoka as a feature of the 4th Fukuoka Triennale, F4.

This was another community arts process involving volunteers and *rubbish. Just like in the naga project it was really rubbish. Lovely people living in Fukuoka provided packets and old plastic from their homes, rather than throwing it in the rubbish bin. These were painstakingly handsewn onto the fabric to Seckon's design by many volunteers who came by the FAAM to spend time and energy for this environmental awareness raising effort.

Please see here for Fukuoka Now Magazine, Japanese Art Scene Monitor , ART-IT Asia coverage.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

The very lovely Theary Seng

Traditional outfit with not so trad details (can detailing!!)

Betsy - gorgeous!!

artsis Tith Veasna

Nita I couldnt believe your funky attitude and walk!

oh yeah for the blue spray paint and Sata's last minute pattern cutting skills

Beautiful Cheath

Ladies and Gents I give you the Bride and Groom!

Mi-o the fisherman

The whole gorgeous gang of Rubbish Project models right before going onstage..

Betsy and Nath

I have been saving teabag labels for ages, they are so beautiful!

the creatiuve genius behind the choreography -
Leang Seckon and Madame Dy Saveth

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Practise makes puuurfect

this is Jean-Philippe. He wasn't exactly modelling, although it is obvious he can strike a pose! He was in control of everything sound-y and electrical-like.

The large stage in fromt of Bob Passion's BHOR art centre. In the afternoon we were treated to an actor-led tour of the installation. And Bob kindly asked your Rubbish Proj peeps to provide stuffs for one room. Seckon put two large collages, which included a lot of recycled materials, and we put some lamps from the workshop 18months ago, and some fashion outfits. wahoo!

Our partners

We are very thankful to

Eric of Scan Hotel

our very good friend Sharon Wilkinson

Rithy Panh, celebrated movie director and founder of the Bophana Centre

and last but definitely not least to Theary Seng, Executive Director of
The Center for Social Development
CSD are our major sponsor for this trip to the beach, and we would like to take this opportunity to say many thanks to you, Theary, for your enthusiastic support of The Rubbish project. It was also so wonderful to have you with us modelling in the show!!

Going down to Sihanoukville on the bus

The very famous halfway point to the beach is on a bluff where people stop to give offerings

owwww we're all so *gorgeous*!! A bus full of models and superstars and... others! And yes that is a picture of a monkey and a puppy playing!

preparing for Sihanoukville

yar we actually just got really silly

We weren't sure of too much, only that we were working on getting enough sponsorship to get us down to the beach on a bus!! And, that once there we could WORK that trash on the stage!
in preparation for the beach we had a meeting, tried on our HANDBAGS...

checked out our costumes from last year, loved them a little...
hugged Sharon Wilkinson, who gave us a donation to help us get to the beach...

Thursday, 6 November 2008

and now we have another thing to do

we will be fabulous and a la mode and in vogue

we are going to the beach

in two weeks


to join Bob Passion and the bHOR art centre

in their great art project for environment education which is 22-29 November ...

we will be fashion and fashionable.. and covered in TRASH... AGAIN!!


and so we had a meeting... last night.. and it poured but that was fine

next post photos of the meeting

these images are from the CAFA students who spent three months thinking about sustainibility and climate change, and this exhibition was the result.
This image of the Mona Lisa was in fact a video, moving image with an actress - an interpretation of what would happen with climate change. fairly soon she was sitting in the rain, shivering and shivering. So cool!

The Beijing Flower of Sustainibility, in plastik fantastik!

This isn't such a great shot of what was a really nice part of the results of the residency .. one could take a button and there were some blank ones that we could write on. I wrote "kia kaha" on one, and took one that I cannot read! But it looks fabulous!!

This installation was about possibilities of reducing climate change and global warming, by Indonesian artsist Andreas Siagian.