Friday, 28 December 2007

Leang Seckon's creation, photos by Vandy Rattana

beautiful photos by Vandy Rattana .. better late than never seen

pics Youthstar sent to us

Seckon forgot to wear a nice shirt to the Prey Veng Youthstar celebrations... but hey, guess he can get away with that - it's the Rubbish Project after all!

It didn't stop him making a great impromptu speech at Chea Klang district and also in Mebon where he talked to students who had spent many hours dreaming up lovely things to make with objects which otherwise would be discarded. We are hoping to link up the people who made the blue straw smoks with Rajana Association, who sell things made by countryside-based producers.

Friday, 7 December 2007

This says Baritarn jia jivit or the Environment is life.

All these objects were made by the youth clubs in the two villages.

A Youthstar volunteer has been living in each village for the past year .. they have been teaching khmer and english, and running these youth clubs. There was such a beautiful atmosphere among the people in each place - they had obviously bonded into a cohesive unit.. and there was very little litter lying round.... GO YOUTHSTAR VOLUNTEERS!!!!!

And go the Rubbish Project...

Thursday, 6 December 2007

More pictures from Prey Veng and Youth Star's celebrations yesterday. The blue "smok" is made of straws. The lei or ceremonial necklace is made of fine cuttings of noodle packets. So many things can be made from rubbish becoming almost unrecognisable as they live again!

The students in Prey Veng did their own take on the Recycled Fashion Show... GORGEOUS!! Folded recycled straws, old paper and plastic, and found objects from their environment formed these gorgeous outfits which were modeled in style. Posters showed the environmental education component of the volunteers' work.

It's been a while, and Youthstar in Prey Veng

We have been not blogging for a while!

After the fashion show we took a break; Fleur went to NZ for winter with her family, Seckon has been working hard producing gorgeous works, having exhibitions, Dy Saveth is also working on new projects.

We are under way talking with people about our ideas for 2008 and getting EXCITED!! ... but now for something completely different which blew us away yesterday out in Prey Veng Province, a couple of hours east of Phnom Penh. invited us to attend two of their celebrations in Prey Veng Province - in Chea Klang and Mebon Districts. A couple of months ago we went to talk to the Youthstar volunteers about The Rubbish Project and showed them photos of The Recycled Fashion Show. They were so inspired by Seckon's talk about the environment and what we have been doing, that 10 of the volunteers took our ideas to their projects in the villages they have been living in.

Have a look at for more details of their excellent work. It was so moving for Seckon and me to be there yesterday, and to soo young people taking their lead in their community talking about environmental issues.

Just having trouble uploading pics so willl post this and try again