Tuesday, 26 February 2008

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We are soooo excited!! Last year when we organised the Recycled Fashion Show our experience very much was of that wonderful Phnom Penh community spirit coming together to make something very special happen, all with the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues in Cambodia.

This year as you know we will install the Naga on the Siem Reap River for World Water Day on 22 March. It's an ambitious project, that's true. But we are having the same sense of everything coming together and it is only because people are often so LOVELY and show Imagination and Generosity!

This week we are thrilled to have secured the ANZ Royal as our major sponsor. Many thanks to the ANZ for their great support of the Naga. Though they have been operating in Cambodia a few short years, they are already well known for their support of community projects.

Just today we also had other good news - The Mekong River Commission supports the Naga Queen project in celebration of World Water Day 2008. With the mighty Mekong being a living vein running through this country we are sooo delighted the MRC have joined with us for World Water Day.

And the World Wildlife Fund have a rattan project from which all the rattan for our Naga will come. The WWF were so lovely to us last year- especially seeing as Seckon and myself basically cold-called them, explaining our hopes for the Recycled Fashion Show. We must have seemed kind of crazy!

Seckon and I went to Siem Reap a couple of weeks ago, making connections, talking to people and happily FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organisation) and the Angkor Holiday Hotel have also given us donations!

And all this would be only less fabulous were it not for the lovely FCC Angkor who are true rockstars and are throwing a PARTY for the installation of the Naga, 6:30pm on the evening of 22 March, World Water Day.

Radio Free Asia

Click here to read an online article by Radio Free Asia, about the Naga

Auction Thanks

The Art Auction was a great night!! You can see the Expat-advisory photogallery here

Many thanks to everyone who came, supported, gave and bought art!

The auction was a splendiferous success, raising over $3000 towards the cost of the Naga. Once again we see the warmth of spirit of our community here in Cambodia, and we are looking forward to seeing the Naga on the Siem Reap River March 22!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

The Mekong Times published this in Friday's issue...

Thursday, 14 February 2008

The naga and flags

This is SEckon's latest painting ... inspired of course by his imaginings of World Water Day with the Naga (here made from leather in shadow puppet style) in front of the five flags he made. The flags will hang in front of the FCC Angkor for our celebrations on 22 March.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Queen Naga


Jinja has kindly added us to his flickr

We are very busy getting ready for the auction and so far have some beautiful works donated by fabulous artists with generous hearts... thanks Sopheap for this lovely painting

We are back!!!
Please join us if you are in town