Sunday, 4 May 2008

Links to more stories about the naga installation

May Titthara has put up his story about the naga with a page of photos

Expat Advisory Services has this piece about World Water Day in addition to their original article about the Naga.

Fuschia Boy who lives in Siem Reap blogged us with a few photos we haven't seen - thanks Fuschia Boy!

The FCCC had us in The Wires, their monthly online newsy-letter....

...aaand KI Media have the Cambodge Soir story here in english

and thankyou to Venerable Hiek Sopheap of the Association of Buddhists for the Environment for coming to Siem Reap especially to help us celebrate the naga, making a great speech, and for this story

This lovely visitor to Siem Reap has blogged us, as she happened to be in town for the night of our Naga party at the FCC, as did this person.