Thursday, 6 November 2008

and now we have another thing to do

we will be fabulous and a la mode and in vogue

we are going to the beach

in two weeks


to join Bob Passion and the bHOR art centre

in their great art project for environment education which is 22-29 November ...

we will be fashion and fashionable.. and covered in TRASH... AGAIN!!


and so we had a meeting... last night.. and it poured but that was fine

next post photos of the meeting

these images are from the CAFA students who spent three months thinking about sustainibility and climate change, and this exhibition was the result.
This image of the Mona Lisa was in fact a video, moving image with an actress - an interpretation of what would happen with climate change. fairly soon she was sitting in the rain, shivering and shivering. So cool!

The Beijing Flower of Sustainibility, in plastik fantastik!

This isn't such a great shot of what was a really nice part of the results of the residency .. one could take a button and there were some blank ones that we could write on. I wrote "kia kaha" on one, and took one that I cannot read! But it looks fabulous!!

This installation was about possibilities of reducing climate change and global warming, by Indonesian artsist Andreas Siagian.
from Bulgarian artist Petko Dourmana

The Dialogue on Arts and Climate Change was a very creative meeting of like minded souls - even though we were artists, architects, designers, performing artists, scientists and environmentalists.

The first day of meetings took place at CAFA- The Chinese Academy of Fine Art.. it was so amazing to be there, on a very beautiful autumn day. Worthy of special note was their extremely well-stocked art supplies shop! We brought a lot of guff back here with us.

The image above is the Beijing Flower of Sustainibility, the gorgeous result of the residency of German artist Insa Winkler and Danish philosopher Oleg Koeford with the students at CAFA.