Monday, 25 January 2010

Seckon was artist in residence at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum June- September 2009. It was a very happy time for him enjoying Japanese culture, food and especially warm hospitality. While there he made a 90m long makara (pictures in previous post). Worn by 110 people, the makara danced through the streets of Fukuoka as a feature of the 4th Fukuoka Triennale, F4.

This was another community arts process involving volunteers and *rubbish. Just like in the naga project it was really rubbish. Lovely people living in Fukuoka provided packets and old plastic from their homes, rather than throwing it in the rubbish bin. These were painstakingly handsewn onto the fabric to Seckon's design by many volunteers who came by the FAAM to spend time and energy for this environmental awareness raising effort.

Please see here for Fukuoka Now Magazine, Japanese Art Scene Monitor , ART-IT Asia coverage.